The HVAC is a critical system in every building. Its main task is to help maintain better indoor air quality by controlling thermal conditions and promoting proper ventilation. Like every household system, the HVAC makes a distinct noise when operating. Nevertheless, there may come a time when the system can generate unfamiliar sounds. While not all noises are a cause for alarm, others tend to indicate a problem with the system. In the following sections, we will discuss six common noises and what they could mean.

1. Banging or Clanking

Loud banging or clanking noises from the HVAC often indicate a serious problem. A damaged motor and loose components are the leading causes of banging or clanking noises in HVACs. Loose panels can also make the system produce banging or clanking sounds. In addition, unwanted debris, such as stones and twigs, moving up and down your central unit and ductwork can also make the disturbing sounds.

2. Squealing or Screeching

Another typical sound often produced by a compromised HVAC is squealing or screeching. A worn-out belt or ball bearings in your system’s blower motor is the most likely culprit of the weird sound. It is vital to get a professional to replace the belts or bearings before they fail to keep the blower motor functional. Excess pressure buildup or damage in the compressor are other issues infamous for making the HVAC system emit a high-pitched squealing or screeching sound.

3. Clicking

If your HVAC is making clicking noises, a few problems could be the cause. Constant clicking noises when the system is operating or immediately after turning it on or off could result from electrical defects. It might be that the system has a defective relay or its thermostat is compromised. In addition, bent or misaligned fan blades can make your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system sound like it is clicking.

4. Buzzing

Loud buzzing noises from your HVAC could mean a few things. An aging HVAC with a loose or unstable compressor can start making buzzing noises when turned on. The noise could also indicate that your system is freezing due to a refrigerant leak problem. Loose components and debris stuck inside the HVAC are other potential perpetrators. Having a technician check your system can help recognize and repair the exact cause of the buzzing sounds.

5. Hissing

If your HVAC is hissing, it could be that its refrigerant is leaking. Since the system is pressurized, a leak often makes the gas escape with a hissing sound. Ensure you get a technician to check if it is a refrigerant leak causing the sounds and fix it because the gas contains harmful chemicals, some of which are poisonous. Alternatively, high pressure in the compressor could cause hissing noises as well. While it is not as dangerous as a leak, excess pressure can make your HVAC inefficient. Furthermore, hissing can come from leaking ductwork, forcing air to seep through tiny spaces. Patching up the ducts is vital to preventing too much air loss, which can increase your utility bills.

6. Booming

Booming sounds are other disturbing noises that an HVAC can produce when damaged. The noises primarily occur when the ductwork attaches itself to the distribution box, also known as the plenum. The attachment typically happens as a result of insufficient dampers or the formation of expansion joints at the connection point between the plenum and ductwork. Experts can add bumpers or get rid of the expansion spaces to dissipate the booming noises.

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