Air Conditioning was Invented in 1902 and Has Only Improved in Design Since Its Invention.


    Modern AC equipment is designed to change the humidity and the temperature in the enclosed space where it is installed. The systems we install start at an entry-level 13 SEER and range inefficiency to a Super High-Efficient 20 SEER.

    When your Air Conditioning System needs to be repaired it is often on the hottest days of the year. You will want your repair to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. The reasons for the issue can vary so your entire system should be thoroughly checked to ensure the correct problem is identified and repaired. In some cases, the correct fix may be to change out your equipment altogether.

    We Currently Offer the Following Services:
    • Air Conditioning System Installation and Repair
    • Mini Split System Installation and Repair
    • Package Unit Installation and Repair


    Mini Splits are ductless systems and, in many cases, are the most economical way to get a highly efficient heating and cooling system for your home or commercial property. They are available in up to a 27 SEER which is a big improvement over that 10 SEER that most of us have in our homes.


    Package Units

    Most commonly used in commercial applications, also known as Roof Top Units. Package units are compact and offer many different options to add and meet the needs of the design space. If you have any questions just give us a call, we will be happy to answer any questions.


    Common Air Conditioner Problems

    It’s important to remember that your air conditioner is more than just a box sitting outside. Your AC system, and by extension, your HVAC, is a highly complex machine filled with moving parts, home-wide infrastructure, and sophisticated cooling technology. There’s a lot that can go wrong, and unfortunately, the problem is usually too complex for good ol’ fashioned DIY solutions. In other words, it’s usually not enough to watch a Youtube video, get your tools, and fix the problem yourself. Here are some common issues with air conditioners — ones that we have the tools, training, and experience to fix.


    Leaking Refigerant

    The main purpose of an air conditioner is to cool your air. That much isn’t really rocket science. However, the means through which it does that is actually pretty advanced. To make the air cooler, the AC uses a refrigerant that’s circulated through coolant lines. Unfortunately, it’s possible for these lines to leak, resulting in reduced effectiveness. Even worse, refrigerant leaks are infamously hard to discover, because refrigerant converts to gas at room temperatures. This is a problem that often goes over the head of homeowners, but you can bet that we’ll be able to diagnose and repair any leaks in your system.


    Failing Electronics

    Like most another tech in the 21st century, AC systems rely on electronics to perform essential tasks. The most important one is knowing when to power on and off. Most air conditioners work in tandem with a thermostat to keep the air at a certain temperature — too hot, and it’ll get to work. Cool enough, and the system will shut off. Unfortunately, electronics can go bad. Sometimes it’s as simple as a dead thermostat battery, and other times the wiring and circuitry of your AC system go bad. When the electronics start failing, it’s possible to lose AC functionality in your home.


    Thermostat Malfunctions

    Speaking of thermostats, your AC might not even be broken at all — it could be the thermostat that’s to blame for wacky temperatures in your home. At best, a compromised thermostat just makes things uncomfortable by confusing the AC. At worst, it can cause long-lasting damage to your HVAC system by making it work overtime. It is quite possible for an air conditioner to work too hard, and when it does, you’re looking at far pricier energy bills and expensive repairs down the line. We can take a look at your thermostat and its sensor, and we’ll be quick to fix it if there are any problems.


    Drainage Issues

    Cold temperatures are almost always associated with moisture, and that certainly applies to an air conditioner. An AC system naturally collects condensation due to its cooling technology, refrigerant, and temperature fluctuations. However, they’re engineered to handle this problem, and most systems will naturally drain the built-up moisture. It’s possible for certain problems to increase condensation levels, such as broken cooling coils or fans — this can lead to drainage difficulties. If your AC unit is loaded with too much moisture, it can cause some serious long-term problems for your system.


    Faulty Ducts

    You can have a perfectly functioning air conditioner, working in tandem with a flawless thermostat. And yet, you still might not be getting that sweet, sweet cool air. Why? There could be many reasons, but the chief among them is ductwork. Even if your AC is in ship shape, the air it cools still needs to travel through your home. Air ducts can be poorly installed from the get-go, or have blockages, broken seals, and punctures from years of use. Because your air ducts are so ingrained in your home’s infrastructure, this is not an easy problem to fix. Note — some systems, such as mini-split systems, do not utilize ducts.


    Broken Exterior Fan

    An air conditioner does its job by cooling the air that circulates through it, but not all of the air is recycled. Your exterior fan does the essential job of sucking hot air away from your condenser coil, allowing your system to function efficiently. But, this fan can slow down significantly after years of wear-and-tear, or even stop functioning entirely. This results in a drastically inefficient air conditioner and more expensive bills.


    Bad Compressor Fan

    The compressor fan is one of the most important components of your air conditioner. Not only does it bring outside air over the condenser coils and into your home, but it also helps prevent the condenser coils from freezing over. An AC system requires a very delicately balanced temperature among its components to work effectively, and your compressor fan is instrumental in that. We can let you know when your condenser fan is performing sub-optimally, and we can provide a prompt fix so that your AC system gets back to speed in no time.

    Top-Quality Air Conditioner Repair in Springfield and Surrounding Areas

    Here in Missouri, it’s important to have a fully-functioning HVAC system. Our winters can be oppressively cold, and our summers strike back with melting heat. Whether you’re making sure your furnace is ready for the cold seasons or prepping your air conditioner for the scalding hot months ahead, Queen City Heating & Cooling is here to help.

    While we are located in Nixa, we serve a broad area in southwestern Missouri. We make frequent trips to the surrounding towns of Battlefield, Ozark, Springfield, and more, so don’t be shy if you think you might be outside of our service area — give us a call, and we’ll do everything in our power to make it work.

    Queen City Heating & Cooling have a sterling reputation throughout Southwest Missouri due to our commitment to serving our clients with integrity. Unfortunately, the HVAC industry can be a minefield of predatory companies who take advantage of their client’s lack of knowledge. We are not part changers, slapping on costly parts for inflated prices and hoping it solves the problem. We bring veritable experience to the table, and when we diagnose a problem, you can bet we’ll have real answers and real solutions — all at a fair rate for you.

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