If it’s been a while since you had your cooling system tuned up, then you need to connect with the pros at Queen City Heating & Cooling for comprehensive AC maintenance in Nixa, MO. Ideally, you should have your air conditioner serviced at least once every year.

Older systems or systems that see a lot of use might need to get tuned up more often. Nevertheless, we highly recommend doing so at the beginning of summer. If you schedule an AC tune-up too early, dust, dirt, and debris will have enough time to accumulate inside your system.

Although you should get the AC service once a year, you should also schedule an inspection if you notice signs of a problem. These include unusually loud noises when the AC system runs, a decline in overall efficiency, increased energy bills, and uneven cooling throughout your home.

Our experts at Queen City Heating & Cooling have vast experience servicing all leading AC makes and models. We’ll restore your air conditioner to its perfect working order in no time.