If you’re suffering through another hot Nixa summer with nothing but window units to cool your home, now is a great time to consider upgrading to a central air conditioner. While window units have their place in certain situations, the advantages of central air conditioners tend to win out in most cases. Fortunately, when you have a company like Queen City Heating & Cooling taking care of installation, the process will be fast and provide outstanding results.

1. Whole-Home Comfort

One of the biggest advantages of a central air conditioner is that you can cool your entire home using such a system. A central air conditioner pushes cool air through ducts to every level and room in your home, ensuring that you don’t encounter discomfort as you move around your home. With a new system installation, you can also opt to utilize a damper system to give you control over different regions in your home so that you can achieve optimal comfort at all times.

2. Increased Efficiency

Although window units use less electricity than a central system because of their smaller size, that doesn’t mean that they use electricity efficiently. Central air conditioners, especially higher-end models, tend to be far more efficient and can potentially lower your utility costs if you were previously using multiple window units. Plus, a central air conditioner allows you to seal your home more tightly since you don’t have to keep any windows open to operate the system. This reduces the amount of outside air that makes its way into your home so that the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard.

3. Enhanced Convenience

Window unit air conditioners are exceptionally inconvenient. At the start of every cooling season, you have to open the window where you want the unit, install the unit, and then place the material designed to block the open space around the unit. Then, at the end of the season, you have to do it all in reverse, repeating this process for every unit in your home. When you have a central air conditioner, the only maintenance that Queen City Heating & Cooling recommends is checking your system’s air filter once a month. This reduced workload will give you more time to enjoy fun activities during the summer.

4. Healthier Air

Although most window units include an air filter, their smaller size means they lack the air circulation capabilities of their central counterparts. A simple air filter installed alongside a central air conditioner can remove large amounts of dust and debris from the air in your home. Plus, you can have Queen City Heating & Cooling install a complete air purification system alongside your central air conditioner so that you and your family can enjoy pristine air at all times. Furthermore, since a central air conditioner pulls air from every level in your home, you can be sure that all the air in your home is being filtered instead of only the air in specific rooms.

5. Provides Heating

Another major advantage of installing central air is that you can enjoy central heating as a result. The same blower fan and ducts can be used to send warm air throughout your home just as easily as they can be used to send cool air. Therefore, rather than having to use two separate systems to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, you can rely on one single, efficient system for all of your heating and cooling needs. A unified heating and cooling system offers many advantages. First, maintenance costs are lower because you’re only maintaining one system. Second, repairs tend to be simpler and less expensive because all of your mechanical equipment is in one convenient location. Finally, it’s easier to control the temperature in your home because you can do it using a single thermostat in a single location.

Providing Home Comfort Throughout the Region

If it’s time to upgrade your home’s comfort with a central air conditioner, the pros at Queen City Heating & Cooling are ready to help. We can install air conditioners, repair furnaces, and maintain all types of HVAC equipment. Plus, we can install water heaters, service indoor air quality equipment, perform emergency repairs on air conditioners and furnaces, and much more. Since our founding, we have been committed to serving our customers with excellence. That’s why we are ranked as an Elite Service Provider by HomeAdvisor and consistently receive five-star customer reviews. To learn more about home comfort upgrades, contact us at Queen City Heating & Cooling today.

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Queen City Team

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