The most common causes of excessive noise related to your Cooling System can vary depending on the system you have. In this post, we will list a few common causes of the excessive noise issue. The most important point we would like to make here is that if something sounds like it should be checked on your system because of abrasive noises, you should call to have it inspected to prevent potentially costly future repairs.

The first and most common causes of excessive noise are related to restrictions in the system. If you haven’t changed your filters regularly and haven’t had your system serviced in a while, certain parts can become restricted causing the noise. Your fans need to be cleaned, or they may be loose, which will cause them to produce a harsh rattling noise or they may hum loudly.

Another common noise issue is related to a motor. A motor (blower motor, condenser fan motor, etc.) may produce a grinding noise or a loud hum if it needs to be serviced or is about to burn out. Sometimes this can be fixed by adding lubrication to the motor, but the motor may need to be replaced because it could be giving signs of imminent failure.

Commonly found among outdoor condensing units are loose fasteners or screws from typical vibration over time. These can be easily tightened or repaired in a way that will reduce the chances of them vibrating free in the future.

Less common noises, such as a hissing noise, are most likely a sign of a leak in the system. This noise should be addressed immediately and only by a professional certified and licensed to handle refrigerant.

Ask our technicians if you find that any of these noises occur either while running or on startup. Catching these clues early could save you money or a headache when you really need your system to function at its peak on hot summer days. Call us today to have your AC cleaned and checked. We will be happy to help.

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