The primary culprits that clog your indoor coils are things you sometimes can’t avoid. Dust, Dirt, pet hair, human hair/dander, airborne grease from cooking, and just plain old debris that floats in the air. These things can coat and block your coils over time causing your system to work harder than it needs to try to keep you comfortable.

If your coils are dirty they will negatively impact the ability of your system to transfer heat effectively and will sometimes cause freeze-ups. See the pictures below:

Many of these culprits are difficult to completely remove from your indoor environment. Changing your filters regularly helps, but your coils are still hampered by these contaminants slowly over time. The best solution is to have all of your coils professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The indoor and outdoor coils are subject to different conditions and elements, so they need to be cleaned with different methods and different chemicals. This process, when done by a professional, takes very little time and will make a major difference in the way your air feels and the way your system functions.

If you have any questions or are concerned about the condition of your system’s coils, give us a call today!

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Queen City Team

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