What is in Your Furnace?

These before and after pictures were taken on 8/31 at a service performed by Queen City Heating & Cooling on a furnace approximately 7 years old. Pictured is the blower motor and the blower wheel. 100% of the air an HVAC system circulates is over these parts and enters our homes.

Indoor air quality is important to our health! This furnace was packed with pollen/spores that contribute to severe allergies. It was full of dust and bacteria that cause us to get colds and viruses.

If your furnace is more than a few years old chances are it could look similar to what this one did.

Don’t wait till your brakes down get yours serviced. you may even need to have your ducts cleaned. Indoor air affects your family’s health. Call us to schedule your furnace maintenance today! Call us today!

Queen City Team
Queen City Team

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