Virtually every home in America has a WiFi network streaming media from multiple devices and allowing access for an entire family. However, a small percentage of homeowners take advantage of the options to use their WiFi network or smartphones to control and regulate their indoor comfort. The benefits of the new series of thermostats far outweigh the potential negatives. Besides the more modern look and feel, these thermostats offer a host of benefits that are worth mentioning.

Energy Savings = Added Value

Considering the impact your indoor comfort can have on your overall energy bill, saving money by running your system efficiently is a very valuable benefit to you. The actual savings can vary from home to home depending on the way you use your system, but in general, you will be saving by letting your smart thermostat do the regulating for you.

Smart thermostats can be used to regulate the temperature to your liking during certain times of the day. They can be programmed or they can learn automatically from your behavior and make adjustments automatically. They can regulate temps when you leave the house and as you are on the way home so you will be comfortable when you arrive. They can sense changes in your indoor environment such as fluctuations in humidity or temperature caused by cooking in order to make adjustments.

You can also rest assured that in the event of a problem in your home, such as burst pipes or even a fire, your smart thermostat will adjust or cut off your system to help prevent further damage to your home. Your smart thermostat will remind you when to change your filter or when routine maintenance should be performed on your HVAC system. As it monitors your energy consumption it can help you on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis in order to improve your use of your system ensure you are getting the most out of what you pay for your energy bill.

Access Controls

One of the most attractive features of smart thermostats is the ability to control your system from a remote location. This technology is possible via your home WiFi network and with the use of an application on your favorite mobile device. This feature not only allows you granular control of your system but allows you to literally monitor it from anywhere anytime. If you love the idea of this type of convenience, then this is feature will be this product’s best selling point. The interfaces for each will be a little different depending on the thermostat you choose, but we at Queen City Heating and Cooling will be happy to help you set up and navigate your app after we install your system.

Please see “Smart Thermostats – Part 2” for our recommendations and favorite options currently on the market. Call us today, or use our Contact Form, if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to add this innovative technology to your existing system.

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Queen City Team

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