So here’s your story…

When the temperatures begin to cool down during the winter months, you notice that your furnace isn’t quite doing the best job of heating your home. The system appears to be kicking on, but the air just isn’t warm enough in the house for your comfort level.

What should you expect when you call a company to have your system checked or replaced?

At Queen City Heating & Cooling, our Protocol for these types of scenarios has always been the same. First, we schedule a convenient time (as soon as possible) to inspect your system with you at your property. You will always get the best service and most accurate diagnosis of your system issues when we can physically inspect your equipment for current and potential issues. It is always a possibility that your equipment may be repairable, but when replacement is the safest option for this type of inspection and estimate protocol will deliver the best possible service.

If you’ve never called us before, we want to earn your trust and maintain your system like we would our own. Upon thorough inspection, we will estimate the cost for repair or replacement and show you the options we have available for you. We want to help you make the most educated and practical decision for your home within your expectations and budget.

Queen City Heating & Cooling strives to deliver the best service and treat our customers like family. Call us today, or use our Contact Form, if you have any questions and would like to set up an appointment with us.

Queen City Team
Queen City Team

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