Your HVAC system is the last thing that you want to have technical issues with during the winter months. When temperatures are at a low here in Springfield, you want to feel confident in your furnace and the HVAC system that’s going to push that warm air throughout your house. With that being said, it’s easy to let these major systems of our home go out of sight out of mind, that is until they’re not working as they’re intended to.

The team at Queen City Heating & Cooling has provided high-quality HVAC services to the Springfield area for years. In that time, we’ve seen countless problems arise with HVAC systems, some specific to the cooler months of the year. That’s why, in today’s blog post, we wanted to spend some time covering a few of the most common issues that heaters have during the winter months. Let’s get started.

Heat Cycling

One of the most common issues that people will notice with their HVAC system is heat cycling. If you start to hear your heater turning on and off more frequently, chances are that it’s heat cycling. Heat cycling can seriously reduce the efficiency of your home, which is what often leads to those higher bills during these months. Some of the most common reasons that this happens with a furnace are extremely small and can only be spotted by a professional that is familiar with these systems. So, the only way that you can avoid this from being an issue in your household is by having your HVAC system maintained regularly.

Inconsistent Heating

When you set the thermostat at a specific temperature, you’re hoping that your entire home will sit at this temp, not just a room here and there. Unfortunately, this is yet another problem that many people have in the winters; some rooms are warmer than others. If you notice this, it could be the number of windows in a room, old insulation, leaks by the windows, or poor ventilation, among other things. If the difference that you’re noticing in temperature is pretty drastic, it’s good to get a professional opinion on how you can keep this from being a problem in your home.

Pilot Light

The pilot light of your furnace needs to be on for your furnace to create warm air. If your pilot light is broken or isn’t staying on, then you’re absolutely going to need a technician to come out and provide some insight. Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable in the different types of furnaces and the types of repairs that need to happen for pilot lights to continue working. Whether your pilot light needs to be turned back on or it’s time to start considering new furnaces, our team will work diligently to provide you with quick answers so that you don’t have to go without heat for too long.

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Routine maintenance is one of the best ways to catch big problems early on. From thermometers that are reading incorrectly to dirty blowers and leaks in your air ducts, the team at Queen City Heating & Cooling can help. Contact our office today with any questions that you have, to get additional information on the services you’re interested in, or to schedule a time for one of our HVAC technicians to provide consultation, we’ve got you covered!

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