Summer is in full swing here in Springfield, and that means that temperature and humidity are on the rise. It also means that you’ll be spending more time using your air conditioner. Here in Missouri, we use our AC plenty, so many homeowners feel they know everything there is to know about their air conditioner. You’d be surprised at some of the secrets that your air-conditioning is keeping from you. Join Queen City Heating & Cooling as we look at these five secrets.

#1: You Need the Shade, Not your Air Conditioner

A quick drive down any street in Springfield and you’re likely to see air-conditioning units that are enjoying the shade on a hot summer day. Many believe that shading their AC improves its performance. The truth is that shading your air conditioner can actually have a negative impact on it. Decks, umbrellas, or trees on top of or in front of your air conditioner can restrict the amount of air allowed into the unit, meaning it has to work harder to keep your home cool.

#2: There Could Be Hidden Costs

There’s more to your HVAC system than just your air conditioning unit. In fact, your AC is just one small part of a much larger network. The home’s HVAC system is made up of ductwork and other appliances that are embedded into your home. Behind your walls and your ceilings and your floors, your ductwork moves the air treated by your air conditioner into your home to keep you cool. While you might notice if your air conditioner is acting up and in need of repairs, it’s not always obvious when your ductwork needs some care. Your ductwork could be leaking, uninsulated, or clogged by debris, pet dander, and more. Clogged ductwork can put undue strain on your air conditioner which can lead to costly repairs in the near future.

#3: Your AC Unit Can’t Run Out of Freon

Were all used to powering our machines thanks to a fluid of some kind. We use oil and gas for cars and lawnmowers. For furnaces, it’s a gas line. You might even empower yourself on coffee and tea. For all of these machines, there’s a regular need to refill these fluids in some way. This is not the case for your air conditioner. Within each AC unit is a supply of Freon. This chemical compound lasts forever and never depletes itself. That means you never have to worry about how much Freon is used by your air conditioner. Be skeptical of any air conditioning service provider who says you need to top off your Freon to get your air conditioner to work correctly. If you’re experiencing AC issues this summer, it’s probably because of something else.

#4: The Right Size AC Makes a Difference

Your AC does a great job of keeping your home cool, but depending on the size of your air conditioner you may be paying more or less depending on how hard it’s working. Your air conditioner has to be sized to your home and the ductwork of your home. Too small of an air conditioner in the unit will have to cycle more frequently and work harder to keep your home cool. Two large of an AC can result in higher energy bills and more frequent repair services.

Are you in need of HVAC repair in Springfield? Then it’s time to call Queen City Heating & Cooling. “Your Comfort Is Our Passion” so that’s why we often offer free estimates on installation and even financing options. Contact us today to find out more.

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Queen City Team

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