Even though summer is less than a month away from officially ending, we’re still in the throes of its hottest days. It’s easy to forget about air conditioning during Missouri’s freezing winters, but it’s impossible to neglect in the summer. You’ll be grateful if it’s working, and you’ll go mad if it’s broken. In any case, the hot weather makes it abundantly clear how important air conditioning really is.

With that being said, let’s take a moment to appreciate air conditioning. There are actually a lot of cool facts about AC technology, and there’s some interesting history behind it all. Here are some fun facts you may not know about air conditioning!

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Cooling Tech Goes Back Thousands of Years

This isn’t directly AC-related, because it’s not like the ancient Egyptians were hooking up their pyramids with HVAC machines. But did you know that there have been various forms of cooling tech, some of which date back more than a thousand years? Ancient Persians, for example, used windcatchers to pool moisture in subterranean rooms which could turn into ice. There are records of Roman emperors transporting ice over great distances from the mountains. With how difficult these methods are, it’s easy to appreciate what AC does for us!

Summer Breaks and Summer Blockbusters Were Born from Hot Temperatures

Every kid in the world loves summer break, and pretty much every human loves summer blockbusters. Did you know both of these things originated from exceedingly hot temperatures? Summer breaks became a thing because the heat was just too unbearable in many locations before air conditioning came around. Inversely, summer movies exploded in popularity after AC was invented, because movie theaters used it as a way to give people relief from the hot sun.

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Air Conditioning Wasn’t Invented for Human Comfort

As it turns out, human comfort wasn’t even a consideration when the first air conditioning system was being designed. Willis Carrier is credited for inventing the earliest form of air conditioning, all the way back in 1902. Employed at a publishing company, he sought a way to control humidity levels in the building, because moisture (or lack thereof) had an impact on the way that ink was printed. Of course, it wasn’t long before people realized there were a lot more uses for this technology. Fast forward to today, where we can’t imagine a world without air conditioning.

Air Conditioning Makes us Less Tolerant to Heat

Life without AC seems unimaginable. How many times have you sat in your home with a broken air conditioner and felt like you were literally being cooked? Have you ever been stuck in traffic during a hot day with a broken AC system? It’s a miserable, unforgiving hotbox. But part of the reason why heat seems so miserable to us is that we’ve lived a life in the comfort of AC, and our bodies have adapted accordingly. Most people in first-world countries are acclimated to air conditioning everywhere they go, which makes the heat feel all the much worse. But for what it’s worth, it’s a pretty good trade-off.

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