Living without air conditioning can just be the absolute worst — especially if you’re in the middle of a muggy summer in Ozark and the surrounding regions. The sun beats down on us hard, and it can be an absolutely hellish experience if there’s no way to cool the air.

Unfortunately, air conditioning units quite often break down, and even if a fix is on the way, it means that you’ll have to endure some time without the sweet gift of AC. At Queen City Heating & Cooling, we’ll rush to the service of our clients as soon as possible for air conditioning repair, but sometimes some waiting is unavoidable. Here are some ways to survive in a hot home that doesn’t have AC:

Open the Window

This is one of the most obvious steps, but for good reason. Even on hot days, opening a window can help. While open windows can actually reduce the effectiveness of AC systems, that’s not really an issue here if your unit is broken, so there’s nothing to lose. In a worst-case scenario, things remain effectively the same. In a best-case scenario, you may catch a breeze or adrift, which can help the temperature problem ever so slightly.

Get Some Fans

The important thing to remember about fans is that they don’t actually cool the air. You can run a fan in a room for a week straight, and the temperature will be no lower than it was when you started. But, fans do circulate the air, and that can create a cooling sensation. In other words, even if fans don’t actually make the room cooler, they do make you feel cooler, and that’s what counts, right? As a side note, that little fact is a good reason not to run fans when you’re not actually in the room. At that point, you’re just wasting power.

Put Your Sheets in the Freezer

Okay, this one might sound weird, but hear us out. The worst time to be hot is before you go to bed because extreme heat can majorly impede our ability to get a good night’s rest. So, if the temperature problem is particularly bad, consider stuffing your bedsheets into the freezer for a little while. Once they’ve been adequately chilled, take them out and arrange them on your bed. They will be wonderfully chilly — perhaps too chilly for a normal day, but perfect for a roasting hot day.

Call for Air Conditioning Repair Services

Finally, it’s important to consider long-term solutions. If you haven’t yet called your local experts, what are you waiting for? At Queen City Heating & Cooling, we make every effort to service our clients as soon as possible, because we know how unbearable it can be to live without AC. If you have a need for air conditioner repair or replacement, we’d be happy to help. We serve Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Branson, and other surrounding regions. Don’t spend your days melting in from the punishing heat — contact us today!

Queen City Team
Queen City Team

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