On those days when the heat isn’t terribly oppressive, it’s pretty easy to take air conditioning for granted. Even when it’s running at full blast, sometimes the import of it is lost on us. But in reality, air-conditioning is life-changing, and you can bet our lives would be way different without it. If you’ve ever had a broken air conditioning system in the hot Missouri months, you’re probably well aware of how miserable it can be.

Well, we’re the lucky ones. For thousands of years, our ancestors had to live in a world with no AC. It wasn’t as easy as our cushioned lives now, so when you read the following list, be sure to take a moment to appreciate your HVAC system! Here are some ways that people got by before AC existed:

  • They Built Structures Differently: Buildings now may seem stuffy and unbearable without AC, but back in the day, they were explicitly designed to handle the heat, particularly in the south. Older houses would have spacious, shaded porch areas that provided a nice middle ground between the furnace-like interior and the hot sun. Windows were designed for cross-ventilation, allowing breezes to flow through the home, and ceilings were higher so that hot air could rise further. Overall, air conditioning changed architecture as we know it!
  • They Spent More Time Outside: When there’s nothing around to cool the air, buildings lose most of their advantages. Without air conditioning, indoor temperatures are usually at least as hot as outside, if not more, since air gets trapped. On top of that, there’s no breeze or running water. For many people, staying outside was the better option; as long as they found shady areas, it was often far more comfortable than a stuffy house.
  • They Took Advantage of the Underground: Many cultures were well aware that hot hair rises, so they did the reasonable thing and found ways to take advantage of cool, underground areas. In fact, some cultures were so adept at this that they were able to engineer rooms where they could create ice. Ancient Persia is a famous example, famous for its “ice pits” as far back as 400 BC. If you live in a home with a basement, try sleeping down there when it’s hot — if you haven’t done so already, you’ll notice a tremendous difference.
  • They Endured it Better: Let’s be honest — we’re kind of just wimpier than our ancestors were. But it’s not entirely our fault. The truth is that the human body adapts to temperatures around it, and it doesn’t react well to out-of-the-ordinary extremes. Take someone from the Sahara and put them in the Nordic mountains, and you’ll see really quickly how true this is. The bottom line is that, before air conditioners existed, people didn’t know of a world with cool air. The heat was what they were used to, and their bodies handled it better.

Air Conditioning Services in Ozark and Surrounding Areas

Seeing how difficult life was before AC can really demonstrate just how useful HVAC systems are. If yours is out of commission, Queen City Heating & Cooling would love to help out with air conditioning and replacement services. Want to fix up your air conditioning unit so you don’t have to resort to underground ice pits? If you’re in Ozark, Springfield, Nixa, Branson, or other surrounding areas, contact us today, and we’ll take care of your problem ASAP.

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